Official position Name Affiliation
Chairperson Dr. Shigeo Takahashi Executive Researcher & Director General of Tsunami Research Center,Port and Airport Research Institute
Vice-chairperson Mr. W. F. Molenaar, M. Sc Delft University of Technology,Hydraulic Structures Design,Section of Hydraulic Engineering
Member and Secretary Dr. Takashi Tomita Tsunami Research Director,Tsunami Research Center
Port and Airport Research Institute
Member Prof. C.D. Memos Professor of Maritime Hydraulics and Port Engineering
National Technical University of Athens
Prof. HansF. Burcharth Aalborg University
Dr. John R. Headland Moffatt & Nichol Engineers
Invited Expert Ing. Jose Miguel Montoya Rodriguez Head of the Port and Coastal Engineering Division,Mexican Institute of Transport
Prof. Solomon Yim Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering,Oregon State University
Dr. Ahmet Cevdet Yalciner Associate Professor,Department of Civil Engineering,Middle East Technical University
Dr. Subandono Diposaptono Directorate General of Marine, Coasts, and Small Islands,v
Prof. S.S.L. Hettiarachchi Department of Civil Engineering,University of Moratuwa
Prof. Panitan Lukkunaprasit Department of Civil Engineering,Chulalongkorn University
Invited Junior Expert Dr. T. Arikawa Project Researcher,Tsunami Research Center,Port and Airport Research Institute
Dr. Anat Ruangrassamee Lecturer,Department of Civil Engineering,Chulalongkorn University
Dr. Saman Samarawickrama Senior Lecturer,Department of Civil Engineering,University of Moratuwa
Mr. P. S. Rasch DHI Water & Environment
Dr. R. Galapatti General Manager,Lanka Hydraulic Institute Ltd.
Mr. J.F. Kapp Managing Director,Entech Consultants (Pty) Ttd
Dr. R. Wim Verhagen Secretary of MarCom
Dr. Kazumasa Katoh Visiting Research Fellow,Coastal Development Research Institute