This is a formal website of PIANC Marcom Working Group 53 to provide information about the purpose and ongoing work of the working group.
The International Navigation Association (PIANC) is a worldwide non-political and non-profit making technical and scientific organization of private individuals, corporations and national governments.

In order to implement its strategy, PIANC organizes its technical-scientific activities through a number of commissions. Maritime Navigation Commission (MarCom) is one of the commissions and MarCom is responsible for dealing with maritime ports and seaways issues of interest to PIANC.
Each technical commission is entitled to propose the setting up of working groups to undertake studies of specific subjects related to the implementation of the Strategy of the Association. MARCOM Working Group 53 (WG53) is one of the working groups within MARCOM and is organized to study recommendations with regard to the design and construction of maritime structures in tsunami prone areas.
The objective of the studies within WG53 is to disseminate knowledge about tsunamis to port engineers and administrators. We summarize the fundamental mechanics of tsunamis highlighting comparison with wind waves and describe the damage inflicted upon harbor and coastal structures. Simulations of tsunami generation and propagation are discussed, and the anti-tsunami design of port and coastal structures is presented. The working group is expected to publish a final report within two years.
The first meeting of the working group was held on January 20, 2006 at the Port and Harbor Research Institute, Japan, with members and observers from various countries in the world, especially from tsunami prone countries. The picture below shows the first meeting.
If you have any questions and comments please contact Dr. S. Takahashi, the chair person of the WG by email (takahashi_s@pari.go.jp)