Joint Symposium on Tsunamis

Joint Symposium on Tsunamis of
The Sixth Chile-Japan Symposium on Tsunami Disaster Mitigation and The Fifteenth International Workshop on Coastal Disaster Prevention

OrganizationsMinistry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT), Port and Airport Research Institute (PARI), Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Coastal Development Institute of Technology (CDIT)

Language:Japanese, English, and Spanish

English Agenda


Date: January 12, 2016, Tuesday, 10:00~18:00 Registration from 9:30

Venue: Kenchiku Kaikan Hall (5-26-20 Siba, Minato-Ku, Tokyo) 


In this joint symposium of the Sixth Chile-Japan Symposium on Tsunami Disaster Mitigation, which is an output of a SATREPS project on Tsunami in Chile, and the Fifteenth International Workshop on Coastal Disaster Prevention, which has been organized by PARI, MLIT and CDIT since the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, final results of the project and methodology to implant the results in society are reported.

In the project which aims to develop technologies and measures to improve communities and people among Chile, Japan and other tsunami-prone areas so as to be more resilient to tsunamis, the following research and development are implemented: 1) Mathematical simulation methods to estimate tsunami damage, 2) Tsunami disaster estimation method and mitigation measures, 3) Precise tsunami warning methods and 4) Programs to create well-prepared/resilient people and community. In the symposium, tsunami disaster management methodologies worked in practice and advanced are also reported by academics and experts in the world. Based on the reports, further progress and cooperation for mitigating tsunami disasters in the world will be discussed.


Opening Ceremony (10:00~10:40)

         Address Dr. Shigeo Takahashi, President of PARI
         Address Ms. Antonia Bordas, National Director of Port Works Division, MOP, Chile
         Address Dr. Takashi Owaki, Deputy Minister for Technical Affairs, Minister's Secretariat, MLIT, Japan
         Address H.E. Mr. Patricio Torres, Ambassador of Chile in Japan

Keynote Lecture (10:50~11:50)

For development of resilient structures against tsunami ,

-Lessons learnt from the East Japan Great Earthquake Disaster-

Dr. Tomotsuka Takayama, Professor Emeritus of Kyoto University,

Director of Institute of Technology for Coastal Disaster Management

Results of SATREPS Project on Tsunami in Chile (13:00~15:30)

R&D and international collaboration on tsunami disaster management: SATREPS on Tsunamis in Chile

Dr. T. Tomita, PARI

Tsunami numerical simulation in Chile

Dr. R. Cienfuegos, CIGIDEN/PUC

Tsunami inundation and damage estimation guideline

Dr. R. Aránguiz,CIGIDEN/UCSC

Tsunami mitigation measures menu

Dr. T. Takahashi, Kansai U.

Tsunami scenario databese for early tsunami warning in Chile

 Dr. P. Catalán, CIGIDEN/UTFSM

Further proposals for Chilean tsunami warning system from an observation view

Dr. T. Baba, Tokushima U.

Education and drill activities against tsunami disasters in Chile and Japan

Dr. F. Miura, Yamaguchi U., 

MSc. O. Cifuentes, UDEC, 

Mr, M. Reyes, UV

Discussion on using BCP in Chilean Ports and its preparation methodology developed by WG4b

Mr. F. Caselli, UV

Supplementary discussions for further improving BCM skills

Dr. K. Ono, Kyoto U.

Panel Discussion (16:00~17:50)

Theme: Future direction of tsunami disaster management and collaboration to mitigate tsunami disasters

in the world

Director of Spatial Planning for Ocean, Coast and Small Islands

 Dr. Subandono Diposaptono, MMAF, Indonesia

Director of Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology, Philippine

 Dr. Renato U. Solidum, Direcot of Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology, Philippine

Tsunami Hazard Assessment and Collaborative Studies for Mitigation Strategies in Turkey

 Dr. Ceren Özer Sözdinler, Lecturer, Boğaziçi University KOERI, Turkey

JICA’s strategy of DRR Sector ~towards resilient society~

  Mr. Junichi Hirano, JICA

 Dr. T. Takahashi, Kansai U.

 Dr. T. Tomita, PARI

Closing Ceremony (17:50~18:00)

Address Dr. Toshitsugu Fujii, Research Supervisor of SATREPS, JST


MOP: Ministry of Public Works of Chile, PUC: Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, UDEC: University of Concepcion, USCS: Catholic University of the Most Holy Conception, USM: Federico Santa Maria Technical University, UV: University of Valparaíso