Research Group/Center

Department Group
Coastal Hydraulic Engineering Department
 (Director) Kojiro SUZUKI
  • Wave Group
  • Maritime Structures Group 
  • Tsunami and Storm Surge GroupWeb site

Coastal and Ocean Development Department
 (Director) Haruo YONEYAMA

   (Principal Researcher)

    Hitoshi TAMURA

  • Coastal and Ocean Development Group
  • Marine Information Group

Coastal and Estuarine Environment Department
 (Director) Tomohiro KUWAE

   (Principal Researcher)

  Satoshi NAKAMURA

  • Coastal and Estuarine Environment GroupWeb site
  • Coastal and Estuarine Sediment Dynamics GroupWeb site

Geotechnical Engineering Department
  (Director) Yoshiyuki MORIKAWA 

  • Soil Mechanics and Geo-Environment Group
  • Soil Dynamics Group
  • Soil Stabilization Group Web site
  • Foundations Group Web site

Earthquake Disaster Prevention Engineering Department Web site
 (Director) Atsushi NOZU

 (Principal Researcher)

   Yousuke OHYA

  • Engineering Seismology Group
  • Earthquake and Structural Dynamics Group
Structural Engineering Department
  (Director) Toru YAMAJI
  • Structural Mechanics Group
  • Frontier Technologies for Structures Group
  • Materials Group

Infrastructure Digital Transformation Engineering Department
(Director) Muneo YOSHIE 

    (Principal Researcher)

     Hitoshi TAMURA

  • Big Data Technology Group
  • Meta-Robotics Group
  • Cyber Construction Technology Group
Marine Environment Control System Department
(Director) Isamu FUJITA
  • Marine Pollution Management Group Web site
  • Marine Environmental Information GroupWeb site
International Research Center for Coastal Disasters
Life Cycle Management Research Center
Ocean Infrastructure and Offshore Wind Energy Research Center
Productivity Improvement Research Center
Innovation Promotion Center

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