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Creating Technologies that Contribute to the World

KAWAI Hiroyasui, the Director General, PARI

Hiroyasu KAWAI (Profile)

We, the Port and Airport Research Institute (PARI), since its birth in 1962 as the Port and Harbor Research Institute (PHRI) of the Ministry of Transport (MOT), has been supporting technically numerous port and airport projects such as Kashima Port development,and Haneda/Kansai International Airport construction and has achieved research results that highly evaluated worldwide.

We, the Port and Airport Research Institute will close cooperation with National Institute for Land and Infrastructure management (NILIM), Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) more than before.

Furthermore, our institute will further expand, deepen the cooperation and integration of research in different fields by the cooperation with the National Maritime Research Institute (NMRI) and the Electronic Navigation Research Institute(ENRI) integrated institutes, and maximize the results of research and development by demonstrating the synergistic effect from now on.

And now, our institute is currently working focus on the four R & D issues based on the first medium-to long term plan (FY2016-2022);"Mitigation and Restoration of Disasters in Coastal Areas", "Formation of Stocks that support Industry and National Life", "Conservation of Marine Interests and Utilization of the Ocean", and "Formation and Utilization of Marine Environment".

In carrying out these researches mentioned above, we will be pursing the two major mottos of our institute, "the Reserch level is the highest in the world" and "the Research results are useful in the actual projects". We will be also promoting strategic international activities such as contributing to the overseas expansion of infrastructure promoted by the national government and technical support to overseas countries. Furthermore, in order to respond to technical issues across research fields, PARI internally set up five centers ("International Research Center for Coastal Disasters", "Life Cycle Management Research Center", "Ocean Infrastructure and Offshore Wind Energy Research Center", "Productivity Improvement Center", and "Innovation Promotion Center"), and we will be further strengthening cooperation with the Regional Development Bureaus of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, which have technology implementation sites, and private companies.

In recent years, natural disasters such as earthquakes, storm surges, and high waves have increased severely, occurred frequently, and the acceleration and deeping of National Resilience is an urgent issue. We will continue to make use of our strengths as a research institute that conducts practical, field-based research and development under the harsh natural conditions unique to Japan, as well as our knowledge and human resources, also firmly work on emergency response and support for restoration in the event of a natural disaster, enlightenment related to disaster prevention.

We would greatly appreciate your continued understanding and support.


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