Message from PARI

PARI is an independent Administrative Institution under the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. The institute has conducted research on construction and maintenance of ports and airports located along coastal lines and oceans. PARI was started in 1946 as part of the research office of Ministry of Transport, Japan. In 1950, it merged to the Transportation Technical Research Institute of the Ministry of Transport as it was founded. In 1962, Port and Harbor Research Institute (PHRI) was established and became part of the Ministry of Transport. In 2001, PHRI was reorganized as an Independent Administrative Institution named PARI which was reorganized to a National Research and Development Agency in 2015. Located in Yokosuka city, Kanagawa prefecture approximately 50km to the south of Tokyo. Furthermore, located at Kurihama bay, the historical site where Perry and his black ship arrived in 1853. Also known for its beautiful view of the Uraga channel and the Sagami gulf in Tokyo bay. The size of the institute is 400m long and 200m wide and holds multiple facilities and research management buildings.

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