Automatic Design System of Piled Wharf Supperstructure

Month/Year September 1978 PARI Technical Note 0300
Author(s) Kenichiro MINAMI,Shuji YAMAMOTO,Koji MOTO,Toshihiko SHIOZAWA
Department/Divison Design Standard Division Automatic Design Laboratory
Executive Summary  In this paper, we report the automatic design system of piled wharf supperstructure, which carry out the calculation of bar arrangement and amakes bar arrangement drawing using computer and automatic drafting machine.
 This system has some characteristics as follows that the supperstructure is treated as grillage girder supported elastically by steel pipe pile and that the design section force caused by moving loads is calculated efficiently as a result of many considerations about loading point on slab. We are able to obtain the results in one or two days just putting the design conditions into this system.
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